What Our Clients Have To Say

“Thanks for giving me a real solution. I tried other rapid solutions in the past and didn’t have much luck.  Great price and I was able to start the program within a few days. I’m already losing weight and looking forward to phasing in your long term recommendations in a few weeks!”
Isabel, Mooresville

This service is great and I found out I can use my Health Savings Account for HCG! I had seen a doctor, gotten lab results, and had my custom compounded HCG delivered in just a few days. Very impressed so far and am looking forward to meeting with Dr. Fotinos about my thyroid issues as well.
Bellamy NC

The telemedicine visit was really surprisingly easy.  It saved me from having to go to my doctor’s office and got me access to the HCG Diet much sooner – all from my Iphone. And the price for the compounded HCG really makes a lot of sense. Can not say enough good things!! Thank you again!!
Krystal NC

I don’t really enjoy going to the doctor so I chose to use their telemedicine system.  It really makes the evaluation and prescription a lot easier and the providers are serious.  Not complaining but – It takes a few minutes to download and install their telemedicine app on your phone and complete the medical questions. But it was worth it!
Aaron NC